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Luke's Bedtime Stories
A Love Story


A Love Story
Pissed off Mexican
Full Moon
I dont like rude people

So I get this job at a summer camp.  I'm being paid to spend an hour or two with a bunch of kids every day, then play volleyball, and go tubing, and chill at the pool.  It was pretty sweet.  And you know how everybody falls for the tall, blonde lifeguard with big hooters.  Well I did too.  Her name is Suzanne, and we started dating and everything was great until summer was over.  We had kind of a messy breakup which I wont get into.  Well she has a very hot best friend who also worked at camp named Leigh.  So I'm thinking, Suz really did me wrong there, why not go for the best friend?  Leigh and I were already pretty good friends to begin with, so I figured it could work out.  Well we started dating and it was great.  We had a great time together everywhere we hung out, and we got along great.  But sooner or later, things started to mess up.  I cant explain it.  Leigh and I have discussed it a million times, and still cant figure out what went wrong.  But the fact is we ended up breaking up.  We still acted like we were dating for the longest time after we broke up.  Now during all of this, me and Suz kinda fell out of touch with each other.  She was dating a guy named Steven.  Hes a prick.  So I call her one night just to say hey, and find out how things are going, and we ended up talking for like four hours.  And I was just like, this wasnt supposed to happen, I'm starting to like you again, and she felt the same way.  Then the next time we hung out, she cheated on the prick and then dumped him later after that.  Sweet ending, huh?  Well Suz and I are still together to this day, and things are great.  I love her to death.  Leigh and I are best good friends.  I dont know what I'd do without either of them.