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See those guys?  Well let me tell you about the time the three of us got arrested.  Me, Greg, Sean, and Leigh went up to the mall one night to meet Miles as he got off work.  We were just chillin outside the mall trying to think of something to do.  Well Sean had just quit his job at Rally's because he hated his manager, and he threw out the idea of egging Rally's.  So we go to Publix, pick up some eggs, and head over to Rally's.  Leigh didn't want any part in it, so she got in Miles' car and Greg and I piled into Sean's car.  Now, we're cruisin around Rally's at about 40mph, and I nail the drive-thru menu, and as we're about to leave, the drive-thru window came open and the manager was right there in the window.  He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I nailed him in the face with an egg, and we sped over to the Publix parking lot to meet up with Miles and Leigh.  Well theres another trick we like to pull at Taco Bell where I get in the trunk, and we pull through the drive-thru, and as they hand us our food, I scream and bang on the trunk as if theres a kidnapped person.  I climb into the trunk of Sean's car, and as we pull into the Taco Bell, Sean gets pulled over by a cop.  I guess the dude from Rally's called it into the cops.  We figured how many red Civics are in Orange Park on a Saturday night, but they found the right one.  After some talking to Sean for a while, the cops find out I'm in the trunk, and it isnt long before I'm handcuffed, put in the back of the cop car, and charged with Battery.  I got charged with Battery over an egg!  But I'll have to say getting arrested out of the trunk of a car is an experience I wont forget.